Our expertise

If you have had problems wearing contacts and discontinued wear because of comfort, poor vision, or other issues, we can possibly solve your problems.

  • We fit "hard to fit" contact lens patients
  • We can fill your contact lens prescription 
  • Strongly recommend One-Day Contacts
  • Dr. Irons fits and dispenses all types of disposable and non-disposable contacts  
  • Dr. Irons' number one priority in fitting contacts is the patient's eye health  
  • Most prescriptions are available next day delivery to our office
  • We provide free contact lens cases and sample solutions for some types of lens wear
  • Free shipping to your home or office with a minimum 6 month (4 box) purchase

One day contacts

  • We fit all contacts, and strongly recommend one-day lenses to patients
  • No chemicals in your eyes or on your lenses. Go green for overall eye health.
  • No cleaning or storing and patients have fresh lenses daily for their convenience and overall eye health
  • Insert in morning and remove at bedtime and toss. No cleaning/no storing.
  • Cost of lenses without purchasing cleaning chemicals is about the same or sometimes less than wearing 2-week contacts
  • Wonderful for the young person in your life. We can fit ages 10 and up with One-Day Contacts.
  • No solutions to carry for frequent travelers.